About Daughters of Zion Restoration Inc

Daughters of Zion Restoration Inc is a homeless shelter outreach center, that's a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who serves young homeless mothers in Gates, Hertford and surrounding counties. We provide emergency temporary shelter in a hotel, other monetary assistance and other personal care donations. Along with these emergency needs we provide psychotherapy services, life skills building (through case management services) and an optional faith based support group. It's our goal to help that struggling mother or pregnant woman with building herself to be stable, healthy and self-sufficient, all while helping her to restore her faith! We want all mothers to know that they are worthy and are loved! For more information about the services we provide please contact us at 252-862-2532.

Our History

Due to our Founder Whitney Smith-Johnson experiencing homelessness in her life, she was able to identify many needs for those who were homeless. By there being very little homeless resources and no homeless shelters within a 50 mile radius Whitney knew a shelter was needed. Therefore, in May 2021 she founded Daughters of Zion Restoration Inc in an effort to assist ending homelessness. She understood how homelessness can impact your well-being; and how the driving factors of broken family dynamics, financial oppression and etc can lead to homelessness. Whitney formed this homeless shelter center with hopes to increase women's faith, target not only homelessness and the aftermath, but also the driving factors that lead to homelessness. By experiencing the lows of homelessness, and its impacts on ones confidence, Whitney believes this homeless shelter center will empower and uplift young mothers to succeed.


Vision Statement 

Daughters of Zion Restoration Inc's vision is to end the pandemic of homelessness, decrease the emotional instability amongst young mothers and increase the amount of successful young mothers in the world through true love, support and guidance.

Our Motto

"Empowering women to be empowered mothers."


Meet the Founder & Director

Whitney Smith-Johnson, like the modern day Moses she is a believer in Christ with a purpose to help others be delivered to live in their God given purpose. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia and North Carolina, she utilizes her skills and Christian foundation to assist others battling with mental and emotional trauma. She's an alumni of Elizabeth City State University and The University of New England, with both her undergraduate and graduate degree in social work. Currently, she is pursuing her law degree at Regent University. She is North Carolina's Unsheltered Access Coordinator for region 11; covering Gates, Elizabeth City, Hertford, Bertie and many more counties. As a social worker for over 7 years, she has always had a passion to help the homeless. Through her experiencing moments of homeless as a child and once as an adult while pregnant, she knew she had to make a difference. She has impacted the lives of others through her businesses, books, therapy, life coaching and Daughters of Zion ministry. Now she's ready to impact her community by helping to put an end to homelessness. As a believer in Christ she knows that her gifts, struggles and passions will one day impact the world to see just how great Jesus Christ is. She wants others to be inspired by how God took her from being homeless to a homeowner, worthless to worthy and rejected to revered and know that God can do it for them too!

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Board Members


Kiara Booker, MPA 

Kiara Booker is a professional writer, event/program coordinator, and mental health advocate. She has served in several capacities in nonprofit organizations focused on providing mental health and education services, community development opportunities, and leadership development training to diverse populations. With experience providing services to people from various backgrounds, she takes pride in her ability to coordinate programs for diverse groups, and has been recognized by others for her servant leadership and attention to detail. She provides writing services to individuals and organizations ranging from editing, content writing, and even scriptwriting. Besides writing, Kiara works for a national recovery advocacy organization providing trainings to organizations across the nation who provide support to people in recovery. As a lifelong public servant, she looks forward to serving on the board of Daughters of Zion Restoration. She believes that the young women Daughters of Zion Restoration serves, all deserve a haven, full of support and care, as they transition through this special yet challenging moment in their lives. Kiara holds a master’s in public administration from Regent University, and a bachelor’s in English and psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She lives in North Carolina.

Board Members

Gemini Johnson, LCSW

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Mrs. Johnson or Ms. Gemini as she prefers to be called provides individual and family psychotherapeutic counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults. Gemini is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds multi-state licenses to include NC, MD, and VA. Gemini is a native New Yorker and received her Master’s Degree in Social Work with a specialization in children and families from Fordham University in Manhattan, New York in 2006. After graduating, she moved to North Carolina where she provided counseling services to persons diagnosed with end-stage renal disease. During her tenure in the medical industry, she attained her LCSW in 2011. In 2013, Gemini received a certification enabling her to provide Clinical Supervision to aspiring clinicians who are preparing for licensure. Presently, she is pursuing her Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy. Gemini’s life mission is to inspire and empower clients on their healing journey. By creating a safe non-judgmental space, Gemini encourages her clients to increase self-awareness.