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Daughters of Zion is a ministry podcast founded by Whitney Smith-Johnson, who is a licensed therapist, author and entrepreneur. She was given this ministry name in 2012, during a moment in her life where she was weak and wanted to give up on life. Feeling powerless she wanted to leave this world, but God showed her she was chosen! As result the Holy Spirit revealed Daughters of Zion to her, and its tagline "Powered by the King!"


This ministry podcast is about empowering and encouraging women to operate in the power that God has given them. It's time to rise up and see that we are powered by God and are daughters of the King! 

Come join us as daughters of the King, and be empowered and encouraged to living and walking in your God given purpose, powerfully. Listen as we as sisters encourage and empower one another with spiritual motivational speaking, Q&A, special guest & more! This is only the beginning for Daughters of Zion! If you're interested in learning more about Whitney grab one of her motivating and inspirational books!!

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Ministry Testimonials


Whitney Smith-Johnson, LCSW

The Daughters of Zion ministry was created to help women not give up on themselves. I once wanted to give up on myself until God reminded me of the God that resided in me. Feel free to leave your testimony about how this ministry has empowered you not give up on yourself or help you to empower others! Remember we overcome by the power of our testimony!