• Whitney Smith

Homelessness has no look

When homelessness is mentioned, many have a vision of a person poorly clothed, living on the streets with a bag of their things. Although that is a type of homelessness, there are quite a few others. Today I want to educate you about transitional and hidden homelessness. We consider these two the silent homelessness type, but it's actually the most prevalent.

Transitional homelessness occurs when the head of household loses their job, gets sick or displaced somehow, resulting in a loss of income; causing them to lose their housing. Then you have hidden homelessness, the one that goes unseen most of the time. Most who are suffering from hidden homelessness, feel they're homeless, but due to not fitting societies image of homelessness, they reject the fact that they are homeless. As one who once suffered from hidden homelessness, it's lonely and it causes you to question your own reality. This lack of education about homelessness can cause a distorted view of homelessness in the minds of many who suffer from it.

Today I challenge you to change your view of homelessness, to understand homelessness doesn't have a look, it's a state of environment. A person's environment is what defines if they are truly homeless or not. So the next time you see someone with a car, job and even nice clothes going into a homeless shelter…..don't question it, just understand homelessness doesn't have a look.

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