• Whitney Smith

I don't know any homeless people

As bad as we would like to believe that poverty and even homelessness doesn't exist, reality is; it does. Understanding how to identify someone who is homeless begins with simply listening. How many of us can honestly say we listen to others, not just hear them. There's a big difference in hearing and listening. Hearing deals with you senses, while listening deals with your cognitive mind. If you want to understand or learn more about something, it begins with listening.

I know many of us believe that homelessness may not be amongst us, in our family, community and etc, but it's there. Often it's not always identified with the naked eye, but instead with your mind by what you hear. When I explain homelessness to many, some say "I've been homeless too" or "I know someone who was or is". Today I urge you to listen to others, don't just hear them, but listen to their story. Don't be afraid of learning information about others that touch you empathetically, but instead be eager to listen to help. When we listen, we gain imperative information that can sometimes increase our knowledge. You found Daughters of Zion Restoration Inc., so you're aware of one resource.....if you are seeking to learn about more resources in the community, contact our offices at 252-862-2532.

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