About Us

Daughters of Zion Restoration Therapy Inc is the sister company to Daughters of Zion Restoration Inc. It's a counseling private practice in Ahoskie, NC. It's mission is to help mothers heal emotionally. Our goal is to assist mothers in becoming that healed and thriving mother they desire to be. ​

Services We Will
Soon Provide

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Clinical Assessment

We provide a clinical in depth assessment to identify any mental health needs, needed to be addressed in therapy sessions.

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We provide one on one counseling services provided by a licensed therapist to help all clients with anxiety, depression and many other mental health concerns, trauma and pain.

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Nutritional Life Coaching

A nutritionist or dietitian focuses on their client's nutrition, eating patterns, exercise, health behaviors and mindset/beliefs to optimize health, achieve optimal body health.

Our Fees

We will bill your current insurance provider for services provided as applicable. Nutritional Life Coaching is provided free to members of Daughters of Zions Restoration Inc homeless shelter. For all others there is a sliding fee scale for this service.

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